"Powellite" Bagnall 3ft gauge locomotive at Black Sands, Victoria - 1938. Photograph: P.G. Dow

26 July, 2010

Sunday 25 July 2010 at Bergen and the Old Voss railway

I knew Bergen had made a good impression on me in 2008, but almost as soon as I had left the station this time it dawned on me just how attractive the city is, with water features, public open spaces, sculptures, gardens, monuments, and impressive buildings of reasonable size.
Problem is Bergen is surrounded by mountains and hills, and my hotel was not far from the station, but the street up to it got progressively steeper, and dragging my relatively light roller-case up the hill was an effort. Its time somebody invented s roller-case with power-assisted wheels. Place where I am staying is a magnificent building about 110 years old, amongst similar buildings, and it's full of interesting antiques.

Today, Sunday, I visited the Gamle Vossebanen - Old Voss railway - a standard gauge (originally 3ft 6in) preserved line. Was a good day, weather perfect.

Will continue tomorrow, too late, need to sleep!

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